Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Dry Spell

Hello World!

May I say first, that I missed you. I realize we may have some catching up to do. Eight months of catching up.

Let me explain. No, is too long. Let me sum up (from The Princess Bride).

Last summer husband came home for R-n-R. Went to Canada on vacation. Kids felt extremely ripped off that their first foreign country experience was exactly like the United States. Walmarts and Chevron gas stations everywhere. Well, not exactly the same. They call a restroom a washroom. I know, how exotic!

Vacation ended. Husband returned to Middle East. Children became seriously depressed. Promised them a puppy. Bought said puppy for $500.00 American dollars. Named her Minkie.

Children returned to school. Children tried out for competition soccer teams. Children made competition soccer teams. And that right there is where my life ceased to exist. All we did was soccer. Eat soccer, breathe soccer, sleep soccer. Soccer, soccer, soccer!!!

Husband's deployment ended. Husband came home for two months. Husband's new training at a base out of state began. Husband leaves.


Alone. Again.

Well, not really alone. I do have a dog now. Yes. She is now a dog. Not a puppy. A barking, eating, pooping, chasing the neighbors kind-of dog. We love her.

So that is pretty much it.

Oh, and this one other thing. Found out that my husband is going to be stationed in Germany and we are moving in three months.

I feel like spiking the football! I don't really play football, but if I did I would be spiking it right now. What does this mean? It means Europe! It means living and eating and breathing in Europe! It means living an hour from France, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands and Switzerland. Two hours from Austria, Poland, Denmark and Italy. Can you say do you have your passport ready?

What else does it mean? It also means selling a home that I love. Leaving neighbors and friends that are more like family. It means saying goodbye to my parents and brothers and their wives and children. It means packing up our belongings and shipping them across the ocean. It means I will be leaving a place I have lived my entire life.


On to bigger and brighter things, right?

I thought you might be interested. So I hope you will stay tuned for Maybe Too Blonde... European Edition! Come and watch as I have "Blonde Moments" in different countries.*

Hope to see you around!

*People have had a lot of questions about our great move so here are some FAQ's.

1. Where will we live?
-In a town called Wiesbaden. It's in southwestern Germany. It's beautiful.

2. Do we have a house there?
-No. We actually won't know where we will be calling home until we get there. The Army has 30 days to provide housing for us and they have to provide a home that offers a bedroom to every person. I have four kids so that will be a 5 bedroom home. Or actually, an apartment, because that is all they have. So, if after 30 days they haven't had an apartment become available we are able to go out and secure a home for ourselves. Anyway you look at it, I'm living in a hotel for at least a couple of weeks.

3. Do I speak German?
- No, I do not. My husband, however, is fluent in German. I am hoping to learn. At least to say 'How many Euro's?' and 'Does this come in a shoe size 8.5?'

4. Will my kids go to German schools?
- Not at first. We have several reasons for this. First, my children don't speak German. Second, German schools operate on a German calendar. My husband's job will operate on an American calendar. I really don't want my kids having to go to school on say Thanksgiving (not a holiday in Germany) while my husband has a four day weekend. We will look into it after we've been there awhile.

5. Will the Army move us?
- Yes. They will ship our HHG (house hold goods) over on a boat. Takes about 6 weeks.

6. Will they ship our cars?
- They will ship one car. If we want more over there, we have to do it ourselves.

7. Are we going to travel?
- Every chance we get. We are actually going to buy a big map of Europe and laminate it and hang it on the wall in our home over there. We are making it a goal to see every country in Europe.

8. Are we excited?
- Surprisingly, yes. I am not a big fan of change. Probably why I've lived in the same place all my life. But something about this feels so right. I can see myself there. I can picture it. And the fact that my husband is German and loves it over there is a big factor.

9. Can we take our pets?
- Yes.

10. Are we selling our house?
- Only if someone will buy it.

11. Can you come and visit?
- Yes. What I've told everybody is come on over! Bring an air matress and a Euro Rail Pass. See you soon!

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