Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you in Germany?
I don't talk about it often, but my husband is stationed here with the US Army. I don't really consider myself an Army Wife, but just someone who happens to be married to someone employed by the Army. Does that clear things up?

How long will you be in Germany?
For as long as we can, or until we get sick of it. Or, until Germany gets sick of us. Which ever comes first.

Do you like living in Germany?
Yes! But it's not without it's challenges. Like being a foreigner, and not speaking the language (something I am trying to work on, slowly), and missing home.

What is The Goal
The Goal is to see every country in Europe, and write about it, while we are here. Europe is an amazing place with so many cultures, languages, countries, and foods packed into a relatively small geographical area. Half of the expense of traveling to Europe is just getting over here. We've already done that. Now we can drive and go and see as much as we can.

You travel a lot. Why?
I didn't step foot out of the United States until I was 36, and that was only to Canada. Now that we live in Europe, I am making up for all those years I stayed in one place. I want to see everything!

How do you afford all that travel?
We tend to travel on the cheap. We eat cheap, we fly cheap, and we sleep cheap. Deals are out there, you just need to look. There are many books such as the Rick Steves' series which breaks down prices and what is worth seeing. And also Lonely Planet's Europe On A Shoestring.

Is your husband German or American?
Both, kind of. My husband is an American by birth, but German by ancestry. Actually, because his parents were still German citizens at the time of his birth, the German government considers him a German citizen too. His parents immigrated to America shortly before he was born. He is fluent in German and even lived in Germany on his own in his early 20's.

I see you take your kids with you on your trips. Do they like to travel?
Yes, they do. However, they get worn out way before I am done. I always want to see what's around the next corner.

What has been your favorite trip?
That is really a hard one. All of them have essentially been "my favorite". There hasn't been one place that I thought, okay, I don't need to see that again. I would redo almost all my trips. Our list just keeps getting longer.

Do you like meeting other American ex-pats?
Yes! I love hearing from everybody and making connections. Email me at maybetooblonde@gmail.com.

Do you like meeting Europeans?
Of course! Some English would be helpful since my language skills are limited to 8th grade French, memorized travel phrases in German (I can ask where the toilet is), and four years of high school Spanish.

Can I link my blog to yours?
Sure! Email me at the above address. 

Are you on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram? Not yet, but soon! My IT person is not very motivated (me) and I am thinking of firing them (me again) and hiring someone who knows what they are doing. Want the job?

You should think of owning your own domain...
I actually do own my own domain. However, my IT person (still me) has struggled to link it to the blog, no thanks to Go Daddy customer service. Know anybody in website design? 

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