Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That's My Boy.

Aidan turned nine years old yesterday. I am in utter shock. Where did the last nine years go? While I think about it, here are some things you should know about Aidan:

He is the most even tempered of all my children. Nothing can get him down. Well, almost nothing.

His eyes are so brown (he did not get this from my side of the family) that you can't see his pupils. They are like dark Hershey kisses.

He looks a lot like his dad.

He loves music and dancing and can really shake it.

He throws a mean football pass and can tear it up on the soccer field.

He loves math and is really good at it. English and Reading, eh, take it or leave it.

He wants to be an astronaut.

He has a wicked sense of humor.

I am so protective of that little guy and love him so fiercely that it literally leaves me breathless.

He got a watch, an iPod, new jeans, Lego's and books for his birthday. He chose double chocolate cake for dessert.

Just to prove to you how funny and quick he is, I will tell you a little story. Two years ago we were having a Christmas program about the Nativity at our church. Children from the neighborhood were dressed up as animals in the manger. Aidan was a sheep. He had on a fluffy white sweatshirt and we had fashioned him a headpiece with puffy ears out of cotton balls. He was adorable. Now picture the program. Mary and Joseph had just started the long walk down the gym to the stage where the manger was set up. The audience was sighing quietly and some had tears in their eyes as Mary climbs the stairs with the baby (a doll) in her arms. Aidan takes this quiet, reverent opportunity to say, and this is a direct quote, "I'm a ba-aa-aa-aa-d boy." 

Yep. My son had just disrupted the most sacred event in our whole religion, the birth of Baby Jesus, by announcing he was a naughty sheep-boy. Very loudly I might add. Do I even need to tell you that everyone, including Mary and Joseph, cracked up. The night never regained the previous sanctity it had.

That's MY boy.

I wouldn't trade him for anything.


  1. So excited you've taken up blogging! Happy Birthday Aidan! I can certainly vouch for you when you say he can tear it up on the soccer field. Go Construction Cones! (gotta love those bright orange jerseys)

  2. Such a funny story! How I would have loved to have seen that!

  3. I cannot believe he's that old! He is hilarious and truly one of the most beautiful children I've ever seen.

  4. Awww. Cute Aidan! This was neat getting to know him through his mother's eyes. Happy Birthday (I'm late I know) Aidan!


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