Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where Are We Going...

With Matt's time in Kuwait now starting to wind down, the reality that we will be moving next year is starting to sink in. Yes, we will be moving. No, there is no possibility that Matt would be stationed here in Utah. We're kind of lacking on Army bases around here. With this idea starting to become more concrete in my head, I've been mulling around the different bases that we could end up at. Here are a few of the possibilities.

Ft. Lewis, Washington - If we go here I will by rain boots and matching rain coats in every color of the rainbow. If I must be wet, at least I can be fashionable.

Ft. Carson, Colorado - Not much would change for me here. I would buy more pairs of hiking boots and a Subaru.

Ft. Polk, Louisiana - I would build a levee around my house and pray.

Ft. Bragg, North Carolina - I would buy river front property (it's on the river Cape Fear, you know, like the movie) and build an enclosed porch out back and sip mint juleps all evening.

Ft. Carson, South Carolina - I would buy a plantation and grow cotton and complain about Northern Aggression. Although, they mostly grow tobacco here.

Ft. Bliss, Texas - I would drag out the cowboy boots I bought on an impulse when I was 18 and I would drive a Ford pickup and say "get-a-long-little-doggy".

Ft. Sill, Oklahoma - I would probably begin drinking. Heavily. It's a real hole.

Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri - I would learn to shoot wild boar and roast it over an open fire pit in my back yard like Matt did with some soldiers when he was training there once.

Ft. Benning, Georgia - I will plant peach trees and make peach cobbler all summer long.

Ft. Drum, New York - Invest in a snow blower. A big one.

Ft. Shafter, Hawaii - Buy a case of sunscreen and lots of flowery dresses and straw hats. And lay around in a hammock drinking coconut milk.

Where would you want to go?


  1. Your list is so funny, I hope you get to spend a little time at each! (But eventually land forever in Hawaii!)

  2. I can't imagine our little neighborhood without you! :(

    If we can't keep you here, I'll be sending sunny Hawaiian vibes your way.

  3. Hawaii all the way! Do you get to choose where you want to live? Those other places sound too depressing (no offense) :)

  4. My cousin lived in Ft. Bragg North Carolina and loved it! They were so sad when he got transferred to another base. But Hawaii sounds so nice! We will be so sad to see your family go!


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