Monday, July 29, 2013

Rolling Around In Rostock - Germany

Our Baltic cruise had one last stop, Warnemünde, Germany. There isn't hardly anything to do Warnemünde, but the cruise lines stop there to give people an opportunity to catch a train for the day into Berlin. We had just been to Berlin. Read about that HERE. So we decided to do some exploring on our own. We rented a van right at the port and drove first to Rostock, Germany. First, are you saying Rostock correctly? It's row-shtoke. Long o.

St. Mary's Church Rostock

Our first stop in Rostock was St. Mary's Church, or Marienkirche. It was built in 1265. Although it might not look like much from the outside, inside it's quite unique. What do I mean by unique? Check out Mr. Bones here.

Skeleton St. Mary's Church Rostock

How cool is that? Obviously not a REAL skeleton, but still, look at the way he's totally chill. Just relaxing on the altar, propping his head up. Made the place feel more like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland than an 800 year old church. Thumbs up in my book.

Astronomical clock, Rostock

This is the astronomical clock that is in the church. It was built in 1472 and is the only one of its kind still working with the original clockworks.

Astronomical clock, Rostock

It's been keeping the time and date correctly since it was built. This is the calendar which will be valid until 2017. Let's hope we don't get another end of the world prophecy happening because some astronomical clock in Germany has dates that only go to 2017. (Remember that Mayan 2012 nonsense?) But who knows? Maybe this little clock maker from Nuremberg knew something that we don't. Pause for dramatic effect. Duhn duhn duhn!

Fountain Of Joy Rostock Germany

This is the Fountain of Joy, or as it is known locally, "The Porn Fountain." It was built to celebrate Rostock's rebirth after WWII. I don't know about you, but nothing says "Hey, we were bombed really heavily during WWII and we worked really hard to rebuild our city and now we are going to celebrate" to me more than naked people in a fountain. Maybe that is what they did to celebrate. Germans cavorting and frolicking and rolling around naked in the water. Yay! WWII is over! Let's get naked!

It was a warm day for Northern Germany and we drove over to the coast for a look at their beaches. You might be thinking "Where does Germany have great beaches?!"

Now you know.

Northern Germany Beach

People may not associate Northern Germany and the Baltic Sea with great beaches, but they are there. The beaches in Northern Germany have white sand and plenty of sunshine.

Northern Germany Beach

It seemed that every German in a 100 mile, I mean 160 kilometer radius (think metric!) was there. The breeze was light, the sand and sun were warm, Europe was out in full force. Germans are known for their love of nude sunbathing at the beach, but we didn't see any. Much to my disappointment. Not that I really want to see a naked German, I just feel that my European experience won't be complete until I see some naked sunbathing. Maybe I should have stripped down and see if any Germans would follow my lead. Come on Germans! Let's tan our tushies!

But alas, I stayed fully dressed (much to the relief of my children).

Northern Germany Beach

We explored the beach and old pier pilings.

Matt enjoyed our time in Rostock a lot. He stayed here for a few months 20 years ago when he bounced around former East Germany.

Northern Germany Beach

Look at how cute my German-American husband is. You might not think he is cute, but after 18 years together, he still makes me weak in the knees with that smile.

Coming up next - Schwerin Castle!

Would you ever feel comfortable sunbathing naked on a beach? How would feel if other people were sunbathing naked around you? Let me know in comments below! Thanks!


  1. LOVE the skeleton in the church! I've never been to a German beach... there aren't any around here!

  2. Haha I have actually been to a nude beach in France. I was sixteen so, of course I giggled a little bit but if the group I was with would have let me, I totally would have done it. Just to say I did and if its part of the culture, then why not?

  3. I think there are some FKK-beaches (which means Frei-Körper-Kultur) and they are exclusively for nude sunbathing. But at most "normal" beaches people wear clothes. :)

  4. Crazy, a skeleton at the church!
    Your beach photos are beautiful!

  5. What a fun and quirky little city! :)
    And me personally, I'm not a naked on the beach person, and I would really prefer not seeing other people's bits and pieces either.

  6. The skeleton is probably saying, "will this church service EVER end? I'm dying here!"

    Har har.

  7. Actually there are tons of "skeleton" sculptures found in European churches. He is Death. See the hourglass? In some depictions he's shown dead himself below Christ's feet because Christ has defeated death. In others like this one, he's shown waiting...for you! He is a reminder that we will all look just like him one day and that we should live the limited time we have appropriately. Go to the church at Mayen. There is a particularly gruesome sculpture of a worm eaten/ridden corpse there. You would probably call that one a zombie eh. LOL

  8. Love to be naked, been naked in Greece, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, German FKK club in Dortmund, and UK of course.


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