Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Unburdening Of 100 Things

I totally believe that imitation is the sincerest from of flattery. Tiffany, consider yourself flattered.
(I actually was going to write about visiting my husband in Florida for a week last month, but I don't think I'm ready to talk about that yet. To raw.)

Here are 100 random things about me that would not deserve a whole post.

1. I have lived my whole life in Utah.
2. But not if you count the seven weeks I lived and worked in Yellowstone National Park.
3. I don't count those seven weeks.
4. Sometimes I'm embarrassed about admitting I've lived here my whole life.
5. Sometimes I feel I need to up my coolness factor by telling people my parents are from California.
6. I have had seven cats in my life.
7. I sometimes hate my cat.
8. I will wear the same pair of jeans for three to four days before I wash them.
9. I wish I was closer to my brothers (in our relationships and geographically).
10. Scary movies scare the crap out of me. I walked out of Signs with Mel Gibson in the movie theater. Couldn't take it.
11. I got pulled over today.
12. For going 54 in a 40.
13. I didn't get a ticket.
14. I never thought I would love my husband as much as I do.
15. I talk to my mom or my dad every, single, day.
16. They are both two of my closest friends.
17. They got divorced when I was 13.
18. I have over 70 pairs of shoes.
19. I have things in my closet that I haven't worn for years. But I love them.
20. I have a skirt I bought in 1999 that I wear every couple of weeks. It has pleats.
21. I am much more of a 'granola' or 'tree-hugger' than I let on to be.
22. I would have moved to Kuwait with Matt if the Army would have let me.
23. I love indie music.
24. I have trashed the very nice, very expensive car Matt bought for me. Not on purpose though.
25. I have about ten book ideas floating around in my head.
26. When I laugh really hard no noise comes out.
27. I am 5'8".
28. I love being tall.
29. I am much more insecure than I let on.
30. I miss having long, light blonde hair.
31. I have green eyes.
32. I am the only one in my family of siblings, parents, and children to have green eyes.
33. I have a birthmark that looks exactly like a hickey on my neck.
34. I tried to have that birthmark removed a couple of years ago.
35. It now has a white ring around it. It's still there.
36. I've been married almost 15 years.
37. Matt and I have spent about a third of our marriage apart.
38. My left foot is a half size bigger than my right.
39. I get extremely lonely sometimes.
40. Sometimes I like being alone.
41. I wish I had finished my degree.
42. I am continually surprised how great my kids are.
43. They aren't nearly the handful that I was.
44. I want to tell people all the time all the wonderful things they are doing, but I don't want to seem like I'm bragging.
45. I had a crush on Matt for a month before we went on our first date.
46. I have been drinking Fresca like it's going out of style.
47. I never make my bed.
48. Neither do my kids.
49. My clothes in my closet are organized by color.
50. I have planted 15 trees in my yard since we moved in.
51. I said things in my youth to people that I have deeply regretted.
52. I wear sunscreen every day.
53. If I could change one thing about me it would be my freckles.
54. It breaks my heart when my kids complain about their freckles.
55. I still feel guilty about not knowing Aidan had pneumonia for ten days.
56. I used to want to be a nurse, then I realized I don't like sick people.
57. I wonder how different my life would have been if I had a sister.
58. I wish I was closer to Matt's sisters.
59. I didn't really have more than one close girlfriend until I was an adult.
60. I was teased a lot in middle school.
61. I would rather have my left foot cut off than relive middle school.
62. I had braces. Twice.
63. I was teased for being too skinny. And too smart. Bad combination.
64. I sometimes hate being the oldest in my family. 
65. I hate it when I run into neighbors and friends in the store. I'm usually a mess. They ask if I'm sick.
66. I believe I'm a better person because I'm a mother.
67. I wish I could slow down their childhoods.
68. It breaks my heart how much Matt has missed.
69. In giving gifts between the two of us, my husband gives better gifts than I do.
70. I miss living in the town I grew up in.
71. My mom still lives in the house she bought when I was three.
72. Sunrise is my favorite time of day.
73. One of my favorite things to do is hike.
74. I don't know what I will do if Matt gets transferred to somewhere without mountains.
75. It better be close to the ocean if there are no mountains.
76. See why I didn't want to move to Kansas?
77. I miss the house my grandparents lived in when I was little. You could watch the sun set into the ocean from the front yard.
78. It seemed like paradise to a six year old.
79. I used to exercise every day.
80. I haven't exercised in two months.
81. I think I might be depressed.
82. Or just lazy.
83. The character Jim on The Office reminds me of my little brother.
84. I am always changing my hairstyle.
85. I'm looking for that perfect one.
86. I don't think I've found it yet.
87. People have actually asked me who my oldest son's father is.
88. I think because he's so fair and Matt is so dark.
89. I used to answer "the mailman". Matt used to be a mailman.
90. I've never read any Harry Potter.
91. I read about eight books a month.
92. I take a bath every night before I go to bed.
93. Not to get clean, but to get warm.
94. I cry at the end of the movie '50 First Dates' every time I see it.
95. I am surprised I have as many friends as I do. Not on Facebook, but real friends.
96. I was a loner in high school.
97. I don't like to fly.
98. I love the rain.
99. I've had surgery 10 times.
100. I tell my husband everything.


  1. I love this post. I love you. I think you are funny. I'm glad we are friends. I may copycat your post idea. We will see.
    Mwahhhh! :*

  2. This is a great idea for a post. A very fun read, well done!

  3. Okay. This list! sigh!....Some things are sad, some made me happy, some made me laugh out loud and some made me think..hmmm. This was an interesting post. My thoughts are -I am going to send you a pair of my favorite wool socks, They will help you stay warm! I wish I could send Matt home so you wouldn't be lonely and I wish I could get out with you and exercise, I think that would help! Okay maybe I could exercise using mental telepathy? Just know I am thinking of you!

  4. Such a great list! I loved reading it and learning all of those things about you. You are an amazing person- I love your honesty!


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