Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Her Milkshake Brings

I just returned from the local gas station where we usually fill up. There are very few pay-at-the-pump options in Germany, or even all of Europe for that matter, so I always get to go in and do a little convo with the clerk at the counter. Must be why all my best German happens to be numbers 1-10 and the word for pump, which is pump but pronounced poomp. I love saying poomp.

I am standing at the counter paying for my petrol when the song "My Milk Shake" by Kelis comes over the speakers in the station. I had a little out of body experience. I find it very strange to be in Germany and to see or hear something that takes me right back to my old life in America. It's like travelling between dimensions or something. I was sucked right back when the clerk starting singing along with the words. Sounded something like this...

"My meelk shake bringz all zhe boyz to zhe yahrd, und zhere like, itz betteh zhan yourz..." 

Because it would be rude to stand there and laugh, all I could do was sing along with her.

"Dahm right, itz betteh zhan yourz. I cun teazch you, but I haz to charge."

Yeah, we totally bonded.


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