Monday, August 26, 2013

Another Move - Heidelberg To Wiesbaden

Sorry that I haven't been writing much lately. It's not because of my usual excuse which is I have been traveling too much. It's because we moved. Again. If you are thinking that we just got settled in Heidelberg, you're right. We had only lived in Heidelberg for 11 months when we had to trek the 90 kilometers north to Wiesbaden. Even by Army standards, that is a quick. We moved (and all of the US Army in Heidelberg) back in July, but we are just starting to feel settled.

I didn't feel settled for awhile because we got to do this. Again.

And this. Again.

Actually, we didn't do it. The very efficient and kind German moving company did all this.

We just watched. And some of us did less than watch. Some of us napped.

After all the packing and such, we moved here.

And it looks pretty much the same as where we lived in Heidelberg (more lovely Army housing). And then we got to unpack. Again.

We didn't choose to do this. No sane person would choose to move twice in 11 months. The whole reason for the move is that some Burgermeister (mayor) and some Army general didn't see eye-to-eye about where to build some airstrip in Heidelberg. I think it went kind of like this.

General - "I think you should let me block off a road and build an airstrip here."
Burgermeister - "No. I zhink zhat you should do vhat I say and build it over here."
General - "No. I want it here."
Burgermeister - "Too bad. I don't."
General - "Well, maybe the US Army should just leave Heidelberg."
Burgermeister - "Vhat do you mean maybe?"
General - "Oh no you didn't!"
Burgermeister - "Yes! I did!"
General - "Okay, then we'll go!"
Burgermeister - "So go!"
General - "I am!"
Burgermeister - "Good!"
General - "Bye!"
Burgermeister - "Double bye!"

From what I hear, that is pretty close to how it went down. And the crazy thing is, is that neither the Burgermeister nor the general were working with the city of Heidelberg at the time the close down happened. They had both been moved to other positions. But because of the wheels set in motion by these two masters of diplomacy, the American Army left Heidelberg after being there for 66 years. My husband used to work in a building where Nazi troops were headquartered and stationed. (Read more about that HERE.) It is the end of an era.

Americans in Heidelberg Life Magazine 1947

The move also means that these four kids here had to start at a new school today. Again.

  It also means meeting new people and making new friends. Again. And that is an again that I want to say. Every where we have lived we have met amazing people who have become friends, and then more than friends. They've become like family. Let's hope that we are as lucky in Wiesbaden as we've been everywhere else.

Until the next move, Army.

Have you had to move a lot? What are tips and secrets you have used to get you through a move?


  1. We do move a lot and it seems like every year but 11 months is tough. At least you only had to unpack! That's how I always look at it when we are able to pay movers. Hope you enjoy your new home!

  2. So interesting how they got your boxes into the building. Super cute photo of your kids!

  3. Wait... your kids are back at school already?!

    It's funny how army housing always looks the same. At least we never had any trouble finding our way round friends' houses as kids... no need to ask where the loo was, it was right where it was in our own house!

    The British army are currently in the process of leaving Germany entirely after nearly 70 years. I was never stationed in Germany, but two of my cousins were born over here!

  4. Ahh!! You had one of those elevator thingies to get the boxes out. I'm jealous - I always wanted to have one of those at my disposal. Good luck in your new location! The only thing that gets you through frequent moves are what makes a house a home, anyway - family. :)


  5. Thanks, Buddy. I have also enjoyed your blog and will continue to check in to read your posts.

  6. Yep, we're on the "averaging every 13.5 months" Army moving plan. We arrived in Wiesbaden in May, and we're heading to the next duty station in April (like you, 11 months). Always an adventure, right?

  7. ill be checking back soon to find out what additional posts you include.
    big city moving


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