Friday, August 16, 2013

Saarburg And Hangin' With The German Family - Germany

We recently traveled over to the little town of Saarburg, located near Trier in the Rhineland-Palatinate state of Germany.

Saarburg, Germany

Did you know that Germany has states? We used to live in Baden-Württemburg, now we live in Hessen. The state names seem to be much more of a mouthful than the state names in America, though. I mean really, Rhineland-Palatinate? Baden-Württemburg? Or how about Nordrhein-Westfalen? Or my favorite, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern? Back in America, you couldn't even get people to call California by its full name, it is often shortened to Cali (which I hate). Imagine cramming the state names of Germany into a song like we sing in America about our states. I don't see it happening.

Anywho, we went to Saarburg for one, to see it, and for two, to visit Matt's German Cousin, German Cousin's Wife, German Cousin's Daughter, and German Cousin's Son. German Cousin was really the only one that could speak English. German Cousin's Wife, German Cousin's Daughter, and German Cousin's Son could speak "a little" English and since we can speak kleine Deutsch we had a hard time communicating. So we turned to the international language of Fußball and food to communicate.

My daughter, Ashlenne, and German Cousin's Daughter were reluctant to try to use their language skills. So they reverted to a language every teenage girl knows. iPod's and Google translate.

Matt and German Cousin may have grown up on separate continents, but they have always been close. They laughed the same and had the same mannerisms. They even wore matching shirts.


The actual meeting of German Cousin was a little awkward for me. It was the first time in Europe that I got the "Two Cheek Kiss Greeting." And I was not expecting it. I was better prepared when we left, offering my own "Two Cheek Kiss Goodbye." I felt so European.

After lunch we went exploring the town of Saarburg. We climbed the 1,050 year old castle tower (it has been reinforced since then).

Saarburg castle, Germany

Climbing the tower gave us great views of the town of Saarburg.

Saarburg, Germany

German Cousin told us that Saarburg is known as the "Venice of Germany" because of the canals that run through it. You tell me, does it look like Venice?

Saarburg, Germany

Saarburg, Germany

Saarburg, Germany

We stopped and got some Spaghetti Eis which is vanilla ice cream squeezed out to make it into long noodle shapes and then topped with strawberry sauce and shaved white chocolate. It is really good.

I tested German Cousin and tried out my sense of humor on him. Don't worry, he laughed. You were right blogosphere. There are some funny Germans out there.

We rode a chairlift to the top of a nearby hill. Our doggie, Minkie, even rode with us. And she didn't even try to jump off once.

We played and relaxed at the top of the hill. 

That beer is Minkie's, not Alexander's. See how tipsy she is?

Then we hiked back down the hill through the vineyards of Riesling grapes that cover the hillsides.

All in all, it was a pretty good day in Saarburg.

When we got home, I checked another little corner of Europe off my list.


  1. How exciting! I was born in Saarburg! :) Glad you liked it there! Your post really makes me miss Germany! I have never heard somebody calling Saarburg the "Venice of Germany". That's funny. I mean, there is only that one little river, isn't it? I have a picture of me and my Dad in front of that same waterfall. And I am so glad you met some funny Germans. :)We're not all bad!

  2. I'm embarrassed to say that I use to live in that area of Germany and never heard of Saarburg. So, I obviously never been there. But, it sure is beautiful. I'm going to make sure to stop there on one of my upcoming road trips. I love it and cities like this.

    (And I think Germans, once you get to know them, have great senses of humor... most of them at least!)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I love reading about your adventures!

  4. It looks like a lovely town! How cool that y'all have family there to visit :)

  5. It is a nice town for a day visit, but when you have a crazy idea to have a sweet life in this sweet town, you will fast get to know that all the town hates you because you are not from there. When you are in addition not German it will be even worse for you.


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