Sunday, November 14, 2010

What The Heck Is In North Platte, Nebraska? Me.*

*Any sarcasm in this post is completely intentional by the writer and should be read with the knowledge that she traveled over 2,200 miles in less than 36 hours to really ugly places.

I spent a night in North Platte, Nebraska on Thursday. It was so fun. How did I happen to be in such an exotic place as North Platte, Nebraska? Funny you should ask because I'm going to tell you.

My dear, sweet, kind husband is always on the lookout for a new car for his mom. And he happened to find a rockin' deal for her from one of his soldiers in Missouri. Missouri. Not here in Salt Lake. But Missouri. "Hey, it's so no problem!" he said. "I can just drive the car back to Salt Lake on one of my trips home". Problem solved. Or so I thought.

Then this little hiccup occurred. Call the hiccup deployment.

Last week Matt informed me that it was time to pick up the car and honestly, I laughed. "How you going to manage that?" I asked. And I bet you can guess what he said. "I'm not. You are."

"Yeah, right." I laughed.

"Yeah, right. You are."

"Um, no. I'm not."

Then Matt got me. He said "Well, I would do it. BUT, I'm in Iraq."

Crap! He played his card! And on me! What was there to do? And honestly, Matt's mom is so cute. Picture a five foot little German lady with a silver bob and round glasses and the cutest German accent you've ever heard. And she never calls me just Kelly. I'm always "Dear Kelly." Who could say no to a husband in Iraq and little German mother-in-law. Not me.

I found myself booking a one-way flight to Kansas City, Missouri. Yay. I then got to buy a car in the airport parking lot. Super classy. I then got in the car and turned right around and started driving back. Drove through Missouri. Drove through Iowa. Then there was Nebraska.

Kansas City is eleven hundred miles away. That is far. There is no way that even I can drive that in one day and I can drive pretty far let me tell you. I spent a night in, you guessed it, North Platte, Nebraska.

It's a real destination. There is this here.

And oh yeah, there is this over here.

Oh! And don't let me forget the best part. The fact that I-80 runs through the center of "town" and is used for millions of semi-trucks that transport all the crap we buy at Wal-Mart and Target everyday. Here is that.

As you can see I had a great time. The car made it. Matt was happy. My mother-in-law was happy. And I was tired. All I can say is the next time I travel 2,200 miles for a car, it better be something sporty for me.


  1. Oh, dear Kelly you are an angel! Sounds like a VERY long 36 hours!

  2. And you would totally deserve that sporty little car!

    It's good Karma I tell you, you'll see, next time it will be your turn.

  3. I'm hoping that at least the color of the car was apple red? That's close to sporty isn't it? Glad you made it back in one piece!
    You amaze me!

  4. You are a good wife! I love that you took are a true blogger. :)


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