Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things I've Learned

Here is a list of things that I have learned this past November.

1. In five degree weather, no matter HOW MUCH ice melt you put down, ain't nuthin' gonna melt.

2. That I was really smart when two years ago I invested in waterproof, salt resistant, radiant heating, knee high snow boots.

3. That as long as I live in my neighborhood, I will want, no strike that, need to have a 4-wheel drive to access my own driveway.

4. That we will not be driving Matt's Saab until Spring

5. Or using the deck and patio furniture for that matter either.

6. That when you've been outside shoveling snow in a 15 degree blizzard, it takes approximately four times as long to warm up as it did to get cold.

7. That my street is the nexus of the weather universe where every storm that hits Utah converges and dumps twelve inches. Per storm.

8. That I never tire of watching my neighbors rev their Honda Civic back and forth trying to get unstuck.

9. That the guy down the street with the four-wheeler and attached plow is getting surprisingly more and more attractive every time he plows my driveway.

10. You should have a snow shovel for every person who lives in your home. You want to eat? You shovel.

11. Even when it stops snowing, that doesn't mean you're done shoveling. Ever heard of wind drifting snow? I'm talking 3-4 foot drifts. Against my back door. We were trapped!

12. And last, but certainly not least, that no matter how many times I tell my kids to keep track of their new gloves and hats, they lose them. Hence, Andre in a 10 year old bright orange hunters hat.


  1. love the pictures! i remember those snow storms. i always thought of shoveling snow as great exercise:) and yes we did have a shovel for everyone in the house - it was more fun that way. and the little shovels sometimes worked the best!

  2. So FUNNY! And so true! Your patio set made me smile & I'm still tryin to figure out who the guy with the plow is.

  3. Oh Kelly, I am so not looking to winter this year after seeing those snow photos. That means the storms are heading this way.
    Man I really should talk the hubby in taking that job in Florida.

  4. Although that is a cute picture of Andre enjoying the snow!

  5. "Four wheeler guy" has been over here too! I love it when I hear him start it up- Help is on the way!

  6. You're funny. I'm laughing alot reading these posts. :o)

  7. I have a four wheeler guy of my own, and I know what you mean. So hot! :) Ya, enough snow already. Why us? Love your pictures!


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