Monday, November 8, 2010

Where Did The Day Go?

Do you ever have those days where at 5 pm you are still in pajamas wondering where your day went? I have those days almost every day.

Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't describe myself as lazy. I get up at 6:20 am to get my oldest, Alexander, off to middle school. He leaves at 7:30, the exact time my other three kids get up to get ready for elementary school. The middle two, Ashlenne and Aidan, leave at about 8:45. That just leaves me with my 5 year old, Andre, who is in afternoon kindergarten.

Now at this time I am full of grandiose plans to clean my whole house in two hours. I will work out. I will shower and make my hair look like a shampoo commercial. I will pick out a well coordinated outfit with matching shoes and purse. I will get all bills paid, groceries bought and put away. When my kids get home from school, homework will be finished quickly. Violins will be practiced. Dinner will be simmering on the stove.

It starts out pretty good. I am full steam ahead on the breakfast dishes. I mop and scrub the kitchen down. But then.... At about 11:00 I am starting to get a little bored with cleaning the same counter, the same floor, picking up the same toys. So I switch on the TV to just "listen to" while I clean up. That dang Stacy London. If What Not To Wear is on, it's a lost cause. I will without fail get distracted and all of sudden, gasp! One hour has gone by and I haven't done anything but learn to dress age appropriate!

It's now noon. The kitchen is moderately clean. But I haven't worked out or showered or shopped. And Andre needs lunch and to get ready for school. So that takes up the next hour.

Now it's 1:00 pm. Still where I was two hours ago. I debate. Should I take this uninterrupted opportunity to really put in some time cleaning? Or should I go work out. Cleaning usually wins. I spend the next two hours attempting to clean bathrooms or tackle the never ending laundry.

It's now 3. Alexander is home. I realize I only have one hour now to work out before I have to pick up the kids. So I run to the basement and put in a good 50 minutes with weights and aerobics.

4:00. Time to pick up kids from school. They come home with the never ending deluge of paperwork and notes needing to be signed and returned. This usually takes up the next hour.

And here we are. It's 5:00. I'm in workout clothes (or pajamas, and in my house they are basically the same thing). I'm sweaty. I haven't showered. My hair is a mess. I have on no makeup. I haven't gone to the store. So if we need something for dinner, which we usually do because I didn't go earlier, I run there now looking like a disaster.

At this point there is no reason to get ready because hey, it's not like I have anyone to really impress around here.

We do dinner. Something quick. Homework attempts to get finished. Violins are hastily practiced. And then they tumble into bed around 9.

And that's my day. That's everyday.

The reason I tell you this is because tonight I am full of resolutions. Tomorrow! Tomorrow I will conquer all! I will clean my house! I will work out early! I will be ready at a reasonable hour so that when people knock on my door I won't have to hide behind it when I answer because I'm a mess! I sing in my mind. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya' tomorrow! Because tonight, anything is possible tomorrow.


  1. Are you sure this is your day, because it sounds an awfully lot like my days! Here's to tommorrow!

  2. Um, yeah, thanks for basically describing my days. I am a frequent afternoon showerer. I keep thinking that I should get up early (like, eek, 5-something) and get ready before I get entrenched in all the day's business. But then I decide to just shower in the afternoon.

  3. So refreshing to hear your days are so much like mine.

    I love that you are writing now, I sure enjoy reading your blog!

  4. Yep! You just described how my days go too! The end of the day comes and all I can say is "What the?" I have no idea what is going on! You are a wonderful writer by the way!

  5. Seriously put in perspective! You make me laugh....only because half the moms in the world are probably doing the same thing.


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