Friday, December 3, 2010

You Know Me Better Than I Do

I am going through a phase of really missing my husband right now, so I am going to tell you a favorite story of mine about him.

When I was pregnant with our first son, Alexander, I had a wicked sweet tooth. A wicked fat-frosting-glaze tooth. I was addicted to sugar, flour and deep-frying. My drug of choice was a double chocolate donut from 7-11.

The craving would really hit me about 8:30 at night. You know the feeling, when you have already had dinner so you're really not hungry but you need something. I'm telling you, a double chocolate donut is that thing. Matt would sweetly volunteer to run out and get us each one. When he got home baby and I were satisfied by a glass of skim milk (I was so health conscious while I was pregnant) and that wonderful double chocolate donut. Matt would also pick one up for himself but would leave it for the next day.

Turns out the next day Matt forgot about it before he left for work. I woke up and saw it there. Tempting me. Calling my name. It would say "Kelllllll-y... don't you want to eat me? You really should eat me. By the time Matt gets home I will be all dried out and tasteless. You would really be doing Matt a favor by eating me so I don't ruin his day. Okay, just eat half of me. Matt won't mind..."  Who here wouldn't listen to a talking donut.

So I ate it. The whole thing by the way. There is no way you can eat half of a chocolate donut. It would be like driving a Porsche on the freeway at 30 mph. You're just not getting the whole experience.

Matt gets home. He's really not that surprised it is gone. We had been married for two years at this point.

The next night, that old craving hits me. Matt asks me "Do you want me to get you two?" No-no-no-no. I answer. I'm getting too fat. He leaves and comes back with a little bag of happiness with a hole in it. I eat it. I'm happy. Matt does the smart thing and eats his also so there is no doubt he will get it.

The next morning I wake up and all I can think about are chocolate donuts (I told you I was addicted). I sat there wishing Matt hadn't eaten his the night before because I would shamelessly eat it again. I go out to the kitchen and guess what is sitting on a plate? A beautiful, pristine chocolate donut. He had actually bought three.

I call him on the way to work. As he answers his phone the first thing out of his mouth is "You ate it, didn't you? You wanted it, didn't you?" Yes, I answer, it was heavenly and sinful at the same time. I drove to work thinking the best way to start your day is a surprise donut on the counter.

I guess I'm just going to leave this little story with you. This happened almost 13 years ago. Whenever I think of it, it always brings a little smile to my face. It also explains why in my first pregnancy I gained 30 pounds in four months.


  1. What a great story, it sure made me smile. You married a good man! Any man who gets that kinda thing is a KEEPER for SURE!

    P.S. Doughnuts speak to me too, the way you described it, it's so just like that! You should do more posts about talking food.

  2. Here I am drooling on my keyboard now. I'm not pregnant but I have a wicked sweet tooth nonetheless.

  3. Seriously now..,you looked like a skinny pregnant woman! The calories must have floated up to the sky. I wish mine did that!
    Love the talking food too and love that you married a good man!


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